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Call Joy’s easy-to-use phone technology is helping small business owners across the country answer the call to delight their customers so they can stay focused on doing what they love most - their jobs. As more users tell us how Call Joy is helping them better manage their small business customer service, we want to share their stories with you.


Call Joy is making a difference for businesses like Wig It2

Lisa Lewis Yates, CEO                        Family Stylists & Board of Directors

As a cancer survivor who previously suffered from hair loss, Lisa Lewis Yates was inspired to open her own salon specializing in custom wig design and urban hairstyling to help others in similar situations look and feel their best. For over 20 years, her Fresno-based small business, Wig It2, has become a top salon for ethnic hair care and non-surgical hair replacement in central California, where she and her team of 2 offer 53 different styling services.

Based on her own personal experience, Lisa understands that many of her clients feel uncomfortable when it comes to hair loss, so she’s passionate about creating a positive environment where her clients feel at ease. She and her team give clients their undivided attention, which means they never answer the phone when they’re in the middle of an appointment. But as Wig It2’s service offerings and customer base grew, so did its call volume, averaging 17 incoming calls per day. Unfortunately, many of those calls often went unanswered and opportunities to schedule appointments were missed since they came in when Lisa and her team were with other clients or after hours. At one point, Wig It2 hired someone to answer the phone and greet clients, but after they quit due to personal reasons, Lisa dreaded the idea of training a new employee or virtual receptionist company and instead looked for a cloud-based phone answering solution.

Lisa previously looked into other call management software options, but when she found out about Call Joy, she was immediately impressed by the platform’s customizable Call Actions and $39 monthly fee. See below for 3 ways she’s using the answering service to help manage Wig It2’s phone line:

  • Answering Calls 24/7 with a Phone Agent: CallJoy’s AI-powered voice agent answers every incoming call at any time, which is especially helpful when Lisa and her team are in appointments or after hours when Wig It2 TV commercials typically air, which results in call volumes increases.
  • Texting Links to Book Appointments & Consultations: Before setting up CallJoy, Wig It2 didn’t have a streamlined way to connect callers to its online appointment booking platform. With CallJoy’s textback feature, the process is simple for the customer without requiring assistance from Lisa or her team.
  • Automatically Responding to Commonly Asked Questions over the Phone: Considering Wig It2 offers 50+ services, it would likely be impossible for an employee to recall specific details about each offering during a call. Fortunately, CallJoy’s phone agent has a limitless ‘memory’ and can be programmed with as many responses needed to answer customer questions without ever needing to be retrained.
Lisa has already recommended CallJoy to a number of other small business owners in the Fresno area, claiming that her favorite part of the technology is that “you can make the Call Actions as simple or detailed as you want depending on what your business needs.” Within just two weeks of using the cloud-based phone system, Lisa increased efficiency and productivity while ensuring her team can remain focused on what they love doing most - their job.

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